Dog carries home mystery baby’s body in Okla.

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OKLAHOMA CITY, Okla. (KWTV) -- Police said a dog brought home the body of a newborn baby in southeast Oklahoma City on Saturday.

Jack Herron said Oklahoma City Police came to his door asking him about his next-door neighbor's dog.

"He's a free spirit, he roams the neighborhood [and] he's always on the move," Herron said. "I think everybody out here knows the dog, so it wasn't unusual that he would've been the one out and found something."

Police said the dog dropped off the body of an infant male at its owner's home on South Air Depot Boulevard around 7 a.m.

Officers, who said the infant appeared to be a newborn, searched near the home for hours. They also brought in K-9 units to try to track where the dog may have discovered the baby.

A woman house sitting for a couple who lives in the neighborhood said she is still shaken about what she saw.  She said she does not know what type of dog it is -- or anything about the infant's parents.

Police are asking folks in the area for help solving the mystery.