Parents: Teacher used lie detector on elementary students

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LYNCHBURG, Va. (WTVR) -- A Lynchburg teacher is facing disciplinary action after a Valentine's Day incident that allegedly involved some students and a lie detector test.

Some parents are claiming their children told them that their third grade teacher subjected them to the test after some candy disappeared from the classroom.

To figure out where the candy went,  the teacher reportedly took out her cell phone, pulled up a lie detector app on her phone and forced every student to take the test.

Some parents were furious about the allegations.

"That's something that belongs at a jail. My kids are not in jail," Nakida Henry, a parent, said. "They are at a school. They're here to be educated, not to be considered criminals where they have to take a lie detector test about candy."

School administrators are not commenting on the alleged incident and say it is a personnel issue.