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Goochland parents still without power send kids to school

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GOOCHLAND COUNTY, Va. (WTVR) -- Traces of snow are still visible on the front yards and roadsides in Goochland County.

Lynette Cook is one of several hundred Dominion Virginia Power customers who has yet to have her electricity restored after Wednesday's winter storm.

School leaders in Goochland said they are working closely with families who were unable to send their children to school Friday when all schools reopened on a two-hour delay.

Leaders wanted to get students back to their school routine, but knew many students had been without power in the past few days.

Accordingly, they opened up Goochland High School early so students could take a hot shower.

Some parents are growing frustrated hoping the power comes on soon.

Cook said when their lights went out on Three Chopt Road, her house became unbearably cold, so they had to pack up and drive to her grandmother's home nearby.

Cook, who has three children including a 4-year-old, said it has been difficult trying to explain to the children why they cannot  stay at home.

Plus, one of her children has asthma and needs to use a nebulizer. That device requires power, so Cook said she has to stay with her grandmother until her power is restored.

In he meantime, Cook is glad the Goochland school system is working with families who still weren't able to send their children to school and giving them an excused absence with a parent's note.

Goochland's Assistant Superintendent said there was one school in their district that lost power for a day and had to throw away all the refrigerated cafeteria items.

That school also reopened Friday and a new shipment of food was delivered in the morning.

As for Cook and her little ones, she said she has been told her power should be restored by Sunday.