Road’s safety questioned after car hits Henrico woman

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HENRICO COUNTY, Va. (WTVR) – Police said a Henrico woman suffered life-threatening injuries after she was hit by a car while walking along Brook Road with her fiancé Thursday night.

Some in the area believe the accident points to a bigger safety concern in the area.

In recent weeks, Henrico police said three pedestrians were hit in the county. In each case, the person was wearing dark clothing at night.

Many people traverse the busy section of Brook Road in Henrico where the pedestrian was struck.

David Echelberger, who owns Low Budget Auto, said he would like to see sidewalks installed, but realizes that may not be possible.

"As many people that walk this way, it wouldn't be a bad idea, but obviously budget constraints are a part of everyday life now... And it has to do with volume of traffic and things."

The woman was struck about 100 yards from Echelberger's store just before she was about to cross a bridge.  Investigators said she was wearing dark clothing and walking with the flow of traffic.

The woman suffered life-threatening injuries and is in critical condition at VCU Medical Center.

Tyron Bryant, who walks 20 minutes to work, said it is crucial to follow the rules when walking.

"I keep the traffic in front of I don't have to look behind me," he said. "I wait for traffic to break and the light to turn red. Then I'll walk."

Police said they are still investigating Thursday night's incident.