Richmond urban chicken vote continued until March

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RICHMOND, Va. (WTVR)—An effort to legalize hens in Richmond is slowly scratching along, and now a vote has been delayed.

Res. No. 2013-R48, to amend City Code § 114-402.2(8) and to initiate an amendment to the City’s zoning ordinance to include the raising or keeping of no more than four female chickens as a permitted accessory use, has been continued until the March 25, 2013 council meeting.

For background, the local advocacy group Chickunz writes on their Facebook page that items number 2 and 12 were withdrawn and that the Administration wanted to change a few things.

They said that item number 11, Ordinance 2013-17, to allow four hens was continued since item number 14 Resolution 2013-R48 needs to go through first, so a planning commission may study the zoning part of the law.

The paper can be read in its entirety here.

During citizen comment a call was made for members of Council to co-patron Ordinance 2013-17 and Resolution 2013-R48 to move the process along.

The group asks citizens who care about raising urban chickens to please contact your councilperson and urge them to co-patron these papers.