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VIDEO: Buckethead Bandit

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SLIDELL, Louisiana (CBS) -- Many burglars are known for their endless array of disguises during their crimes but one burglar in Slidell, Louisiana apparently forgot his and improvised.

The suspect twenty-three year old Richard Boudreaux, had to use a bucket when he robbed his former employer Kenney's Seafood.

In the surveillance video you can see him walking around the store dressed in camouflage and gloves. He even packed tools and had everything except the mask.

The bucket prop hindering him a little as he tilts it up every so often to catch a glimpse of his surroundings.

Authorities say he also tried to break into a pawn shop but didn't have any luck.

His disguise proved to be a bad idea, though. Police were able to identify him and arrested him at his home.

Boudreaux has been booked on two counts of burglary.