Ultimate Bridal Survivor Richmond: Katelyn

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Katelyn's Story:

My name is Katelyn, I recently got engaged after knowing the love of my life for six months. I guess that's all it takes these days!

Trying to plan a wedding on a budget has been brutal and this opportunity would be amazing, not only for me, but for you all running the competition.

As a college cross country runner for a year I have built up the determination, physicality, intelligence and mental toughness to be the Ultimate Bridal Survivor.

My fiance and I have been talking for weeks about how the best way to submit to this contest would be, but I think that honesty will do the most. We want to have a beautiful wedding, a nice honeymoon and all of the things that I dreamed about as a little girl, but with new jobs and both of us being in our early twenties we can't afford it and neither can our families.

Ultimate Bridal Survivor would give me a chance to compete in what I can only hope will be a setup similar to one of our favorite shows, Survivor, and show who the ultimate Bride to be is in Richmond. The answer, and hopefully time will tell, is me.

Our chosen photo depicts the mentality I would be bringing to the contest of "how do you like those apples?!"


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