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What did someone buy for $48,000 — on their phone?

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(CNN) – Folks use their mobile phones for just about everything these days — talking, texting, maps, photos, and even shopping. But some smart-phone shoppers are taking their mobile buying power to the extreme!

PayPal just released its list of the five biggest mobile phone payments the company processed this year.

Number one? A bulldozer — purchased for $48,000.

Someone else used their phone to drop $46,000 on a white gold necklace with 125 diamonds.

Another phone shopper spent about the same amount on a collection of rare coins.

At number four, more jewelry — a $40,000 men’s diamond chain necklace.

Rounding out the top five was a $40,000 purchase of a painting.

That’s the high end of a growing trend — shopping with your phone.

Consumer tracker I-B-M Digital Analytics Benchmark says about 13 percent of shoppers made their Cyber Monday purchases on a phone or tablet this year.