Body of SEAL killed in daring rescue returned to US

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(WTVR) -- The body of 28-year-old member of SEAL Team 6 killed during a weekend rescue mission in Afghanistan is back in the United States.

The SEAL team successfully rescued Dr. Dilip Joseph of Colorado Springs, who had been kidnapped just five days before. However, petty officer Nicolas Checque died after he was shot during the mission.

One of Checque's high school friends told KDKA Monday that the SEAL was living out his biggest dream: serving his country.

"That was his plan," Michael Choby said. "It wasn't college, it wasn't engineering. It was 'I'm interested in being in the military. I'm interested in living that lifestyle of serving my country.'"

Choby, now an assistant principal at a high school, wrestled with Checque and said he always knew his school buddy was special.

Former Navy SEAL Lew Knopp was trained by the same men as Checque. He said SEALs who serve their country are willing to die for that country.

“We would have done the job for any American no matter what status level – doctor, street person. We would have been in there to save them had the enemy taken them and that’s what went on there,” Knopp said. "And willing to die to do it. And pay the ultimate price."

Checque had been a Navy SEAL for eight years and served in both Iraq and Afghanistan.