Flying Squirrels voice concern after Redskins training camp announcement

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RICHMOND, Va. (WTVR) - Following official word of the Redskin Training Camp coming to town, the Richmond Flying Squirrels team has a comeback.

From his office in New York City, Squirrels owner Lou Dibella said he is aggravated by the lack of progress towards a new stadium for his team. Squirrels COO Parney Parnell said he is also frustrated, but hopeful after the decision.

In fact, Parnell said many people have been telling him they do not understand how a deal for the Redskins was done so quickly, while nothing has been firmed up for the Squirrels. The team is looking forward to their fourth season at the Diamond.

Parnell admitted he is frustrated by the news, but that his staff must focus on the big picture during this busy time of the year.

"I have confidence in what people are telling me, and what I hear from the mayor and I believe what he says is that they're going to be moving forward, so our focus has to be what our great fan base is going to get inside this ballpark come April 4th," Parnells said.

In addition, Parnell said that he's a supporter of the Redskins new facility and thinks the discussion surrounding that project and a new stadium for his team can only help the entire development go forward.