Backyard, pre-fab “Granny pods” are on the rise

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ALEXANDRIA, Va. (WTVR) - When your loved ones get older and need around the clock care it can be hard to move them away from the rest of your family.

If you want to keep them around you can always buy a "granny pod," a portable apartment equipped like a hospital room with safety rails, lighted floorboards and first-aid kits

 A Blacksburg, Virginia company called N2Care designed the pods, with the assistance of Va. Tech students. 

The pods  have built in cameras so you can monitor your loved ones.

The estates are officially called "Med Cottages" and N2Care says it can be an answer for millions of baby boomers who are facing and still need to take care of their parents.

Roughly 23 million Americans currently care for their elderly parents, a statistic that will continue to skyrocket as the older population grows, the AARP reported. Based on Census Bureau date, by  2030, over 72 million Americans will be 65 years or older — which is twice America’s elderly population in 2000.

The 288-square-foot MedCottage costs about $125,000 to purchase. 

Read more about the MedCottages and the first inhabitant of one--a reluctant Fairfax resident--on the Washington Post.