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Woman hospitalized after drive-by pumpkin attack

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STOCKTON, Ca. (KXTL) - A California woman has been hospitalized after someone hurled a pumpkin at her while she was walking down the street.

A thick pumpkin rind and dry seeds still litter the corner of Wilson Way and Roosevelt in Stockton.

Police said the incident happened just after 10 a.m. Friday when a white sedan sped down Wilson Way and someone inside hurled a pumpkin at a 51-year-old woman standing on the sidewalk.

The victim was struck by the gourd in the chest, causing enough injury that she had to be transported to an area hospital.

Officer Joe Silva, with the Stockton Police Department, said the speed of the car and the weight of the gourd were a factor in the severity of the attack. Plus, Silva said the pumpkin struck the victim "right in the middle of the chest."

Stockton detectives do not consider this a Halloween prank by teens, but a serious offense. Whoever did it could face felony assault charges.

"Anytime you throw anything out of a vehicle and you hit someone or something it's a crime," Silva said. "And obviously what happened last night caused injury to a person who was just walking across the street."