New dating craze lets singles ‘sniff out’ mates

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By KPHO’s Lindsay Reiser

PHOENIX — The newest dating fad smells nice for some singles looking for love in the Phoenix area.

Experts say naturally occurring pheromones could help you find your perfect mate and some hope it will lead to a love connection.

Folks are going about the bar scene a slightly different way.

The partygoers are using their keen sense of smell to sniff out a mate.

“I’m an adventurous person, I’ll try anything once, even sniffing,” said one attendee.

“I mean, it has to be real, animals have that sixth sense or whatever it is, I think,” said another.

Here’s how it goes down:  everyone brings the shirt they’ve slept in and it gets assigned a number.

Then they gather around the table of shirts and sniff away.

Then they take pictures with the shirt that made them weak in the knees.

“Primitively, pheromones had a really big role for us because it really helped with mate selection,” said Dr. Shannon Chavez, a pheromone expert.

She says we can’t see or even smell the pheromones, but we have receptors in our nose and mouth that pick up on them.

“Everyone’s pheromones are different from another’s, it’s almost as unique as a fingerprint,” she explained.

Dr. Chavez says it’s good sometimes to shut off the cognitive part of chemistry and just get back to basics.

It’s smelly enough it just might work.