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Md. officers suspended over ‘driving while black’ YouTube vids

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PALLMER PARK, Md. (WUSA) - A YouTube video depicting officers harassing and taunting a black driver during a traffic stop has led to the suspension of two police officers in Maryland.

The film made by Prince George's County Police officers hit the internet on Nov. 1.

Officials say the 20 minute video was supposed to be a spoof on racial profiling and included crude stereotypes about African-Americans.

"The profane and racially insensitive video that included two Prince George's Police officers was circulating on the internet. I watched it and was disgusted by what I saw," Prince George's County Police Chief Mark Magaw said Friday. "It was orchestrated to be put on Youtube and I believe it was a spoof on driving while black, but like I said before there's nothing funny about this video and it goes against the values of this community and this police department."

One of the officers involved is a 10 year veteran, the other has three years service with the department.

Both could be fired over this incident.

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