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Goochland man says blasting from quarries damaged home

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GOOCHLAND COUNTY, Va. (WTVR) - Wayne Genova said he was lounging in his favorite recliner when a loud explosion jolted him. The explosion, Genova said, left his  Goochland home full of cracks.

Genova's home on Ashland Road sits between two rock quarries. He said when he heard the blast and then noticed the damage, he immediately contacted the two companies. He said he was told by one company, Luck Stone, that they had been blasting that day at the quarry.

Genova said the blasts caused cracks in bricks, his home's foundation and along a concrete garage floor.

He said he was glad a company representative came to his home to check out the damage. The company declined to help him with any of the repairs.

"They said they did everything by the book and everything was done according to the law and that they would not be helping me," Genova explained.

A company rep, reached over the phone, said they surveyed the damage and based on their readings from seismograph equipment the blast that day was not strong enough to cause the damage to Genova's house.

Now, Genova is worried that he and his wife will be stuck paying an expensive repair bill. He said his homeowner's insurance is not likely to pay for the damage. 

"Makes you wonder if the next one will be the one to bring our house down," Genova said. 

A company rep said they plan to return to Genova's home after Thanksgiving to install seismograph equipment on his property to monitor what happens when they conduct future blasts.

The company emphasized it always puts safety first and that they strive to be good neighbors.   

Genova said he hopes the company will reconsider and help repair the cracks.