VIRAL VIDEO: Lion sneaks up behind little girl

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(WTVR) - This is one of those viral videos that just keeps making the rounds, so we couldn't resist posting it. 

The video, which has been featured on news magazine shows this week, was originally posted to YouTube in November of 2011. 

The video shows a couple little girls being filmed by their parents at a what appears to be a zoo in France.

One of the little ones is totally clueless as a curious big cat comes up behind her.


The lion, appearing almost like a playful and curious kitty, meanders up behind the girl, with just inches -- and a safety glass panel -- separating the pair.


As the little girl turns around, she finally sees the big cat right behind her, and lets out a shriek.

The child's parents and the other little girl all laugh and the startled child quickly recovers and skips away from the lions.  

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