Police, SWAT team and K9 converge on Chesterfield home

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CHESTERFIELD COUNTY, Va. (WTVR) – Late Thursday afternoon Chesterfield Police were called to a home in the 3000 block of Botone Avenue for reports of an armed home invasion.

When they arrived they found a man and a woman running from the house. They were captured a short time later, and were taken into custody.

Police took the homeowner, a woman, into protective custody.

Witnesses said they first heard a police chopper, then saw a swarm of officers, the SWAT team and K9’s converge on the house. Investigators were there for at least 5 hours, processing the home and combing through a car on the property.

One neighbor, who didn’t want us to release her name, told CBS 6 she was nervous.

“I stood on the porch and got yelled [by police] at to go back into the house,” she said. “And, when I come back in, the next thing I know the whole place there was surrounded by cops.”

“We`re just a little nervous because it makes you think, because when they tear something up like that up,  it usually involves drugs and guns,” she said.

Investigators tell CBS 6 they’re not even sure there was ever a home invasion, but refused to elaborate.

Police won’t say who made the 911 call – whether it was the homeowner, or a neighbor.

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