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LIVE UPDATES: Election Day 2012

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RICHMOND, Va. (WTVR) – It is Election Day 2012 in Virginia and across the country. We will update this story with video, pictures, tweets and story links as election information comes in throughout the day, the night and overnight.

Alix Bryan November 7, 20121:19 am

Obama is preparing to give his victory speech in Chicago. We will be live streaming this:

Alix Bryan November 7, 20121:17 am

Ah, VCU students going wild with the news.

Alix Bryan November 7, 20121:15 am

Alix Bryan November 7, 201212:29 am

Right now Obama is waiting on a concession call from Mitt Romney. Romney is waiting for Ohio calculations.

Nick Dutton November 7, 201212:25 am

Ohio BOE says outstanding ballots are coming in from urban areas. Provisional ballots will be counted later.

Nick Dutton November 7, 201212:21 am

CBS News’ Jan Crawford says Gov. Romney said he is not ready to concede yet.

Scott Pelley said that earlier today, Romney remarked that he had only written one speech, while the president said he had written both victory and concession speeches.

Alix Bryan November 7, 201212:10 am

Nick Dutton November 6, 201211:53 pm

CBS News projects Obama wins Colorado’s. Florida and Virginia are still too close to call.

Nick Dutton November 6, 201211:43 pm

Jan Crawford: Romney camp says it misjudged enthusiasm and independent voters.

Nick Dutton November 6, 201211:41 pm

Mitt Romney’s still ahead in the popular vote, but those numbers will likely continue to change over the next few days, according to CBS News’ Scott Pelley.

Nick Dutton November 6, 201211:39 pm

CBS News projects Obama will win Nevada and its six electoral votes. Now 280 electoral votes compared to Romney’s 203.

Alix Bryan November 6, 201211:34 pm

Barack Obama now leads for first time in Va. with 1,624,579 votes and Romney has 1,594,42 votes.

Alix Bryan November 6, 201211:34 pm

CBS said that Mr. Obama is the only president since Franklin D. Roosevelt to win a second term with the economy in such bad shape.

Nick Dutton November 6, 201211:29 pm

CBS News experts weigh in on Romney loss in Ohio. Norah O’Donnell says the Obama campaign was very tough on Romney early on in Ohio, a tried and true campaign tactic.

Nick Dutton November 6, 201211:28 pm

Victory rally expected to begin in Chicago after Obama receives concession call from Mitt Romney.

Nick Dutton November 6, 201211:25 pm

BREAKING: CBS News projects Barack Obama has won a second term, defeating GOP challenger Mitt Romney.

Read More–>

Tune into CBS 6 right now for the latest.

Nick Dutton November 6, 201211:14 pm

CBS News also projects Oregon for Obama, now with 256 projected electoral votes.

Alix Bryan November 6, 201211:13 pm

View all races here:

Nick Dutton November 6, 201211:13 pm

CBS News projects swing state of Iowa for President Obama. “Serious blow to Romney campaign,” Scott Pelley says.

Nick Dutton November 6, 201211:11 pm

CBS News’ Jan Crawford says it has been very quiet at the Romney camp until they announced his North Carolina victory.

Nick Dutton November 6, 201211:09 pm

President has slight lead in Ohio with 66 percent of precincts reporting, CBS News reports.

Alix Bryan November 6, 201211:09 pm

Nationally, things had a great shift once West Coast polls closed.

Alix Bryan November 6, 201211:07 pm

Wayne Powell was one of Eric Cantor’s more formidable opponents yet, CBS 6 Tracy Sears reports.

Alix Bryan November 6, 201210:40 pm

Romney with a lead over Obama in the electoral college.

Nick Dutton November 6, 201210:20 pm

All that said, they could lean back to Romney. It’s still very early and these ARE NOT CBS News projections.

Stephanie Rochon November 6, 201210:20 pm

CBS News has declared Tim Kaine the winner of the U.S. Senate race.

Nick Dutton November 6, 201210:19 pm

Women are swinging it toward the president in Iowa, Scott Pelley says. Interestingly, Obama has 67 field offices in the state, while Romney has 14.

Alix Bryan November 6, 201210:17 pm

CBS is leaning Iowa towards Obama, based on exit poll information. Because of women voters.

Alix Bryan November 6, 201210:13 pm

George Allen (R) with 1,297,338 votes and Tim Kaine (D) with 1,294,394. 4,886 write-in votes.

Alix Bryan November 6, 201210:10 pm

Romney jumps in electoral college.

Nick Dutton November 6, 201210:09 pm

Senator Claire McCaskill (D) to hold Senate seat for Missouri in race against Todd Aikin.

Alix Bryan November 6, 201210:04 pm

Bobby Scott thanks voters at Kaine’s celebration from Katherine Johnson on Vimeo.

Nick Dutton November 6, 201210:02 pm

Nevada is leaning towards President Obama, according to exit polling data from CBS News.

Nick Dutton November 6, 201210:02 pm

Romney wins Utah and projected to win Montana, according to CBS News.

Alix Bryan November 6, 201210:01 pm

3rd District incumbent Chris Hilbert (Inc.) has large lead over Erin Delp.

Stephanie Rochon November 6, 20129:59 pm

Congressman Bobby Scott has declared victory in his race tonight.

Alix Bryan November 6, 20129:56 pm

2nd District Race: Charles Samuels (Inc.) has 4,059 votes to Charlie Diradour, who has 3,713 votes.

Alix Bryan November 6, 20129:54 pm

Bruce Tyler (Inc.) has 5,391 votes to Jonathan Baliles 5,123 votes. 80% of precincts reporting.

Nick Dutton November 6, 20129:50 pm

CBS News just received this photo of Mitt Romney watching election returns come in with his grandchildren.

Alix Bryan November 6, 20129:49 pm

Third party candidates and write-ins account for 36,275 votes in Virginia.

Nick Dutton November 6, 20129:46 pm

Bob Schaeffer reminds folks that this is Massachusetts returning to form since this was Ted Kennedy’s former seat.

Nick Dutton November 6, 20129:43 pm

CBS News projects Elizabeth Warren will pick up Scott Brown’s Senate seat in Massachusetts. That means the Democrats have picked up one more seat. (This race is second in spending only to Virginia’s Allen-Kaine race.)

Scott Wise November 6, 20129:43 pm
Alix Bryan November 6, 20129:38 pm

Alix Bryan November 6, 20129:37 pm

CBS just said it is looking more difficult for Romney to win. “A much more narrow path” they said.

Nick Dutton November 6, 20129:34 pm

CBS News also projects Obama will carry Wisconsin.

Alix Bryan November 6, 20129:34 pm

CBS says that both candidates are tied with electoral votes.

Nick Dutton November 6, 20129:33 pm

CBS News projects Obama will carry New Hampshire.

Alix Bryan November 6, 20129:30 pm

CNN projects Republicans to retain control of the House of Representatives.

Alix Bryan November 6, 20129:22 pm

There are 270 electoral votes to win and Obama has 143. Romney has 153.

Alix Bryan November 6, 20129:21 pm

CBS just said Obama has slight edge in RIchmond

Alix Bryan November 6, 20129:20 pm

CBS projects Obama will carry Pennsylvania–which has 21 electoral votes

Nick Dutton November 6, 20129:19 pm

Looks like David Axelrod won’t have to shave off that mustache after all, Bob Schaeffer jokes.

Alix Bryan November 6, 20129:17 pm

CBS projects Obama will carry Pennsylvania.

Nick Dutton November 6, 20129:16 pm

CNN projects Mitt Romney will win Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Kansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas and Wyoming;

President Barack Obama will take Michigan, New Jersey and New York.

Stay with CBS 6 News and for the latest updates.

Scott Wise November 6, 20129:14 pm
Nick Dutton November 6, 20129:13 pm

It’s still 50/50 in Florida where 76 percent of precincts are now reporting. CBS News LIVE coverage on continues in a moment.


Nick Dutton November 6, 20129:11 pm

Here’s the latest election data from Virginia where 41 percent of precincts are reporting:

Romney – 53% (851,937)
Obama – 45% (718,516)

Alix Bryan November 6, 20129:11 pm

For complete election results click here:

Alix Bryan November 6, 20129:10 pm

Alix Bryan November 6, 20129:08 pm

Two hours after polls closed, still a line at Corporate Landing Middle School in Virginia Beach.

Nick Dutton November 6, 20129:08 pm

Here’s the latest from Ohio with 27 percent of precincts reporting:
Obama – 55% (876,997)
Romney – 44% (699,492)

Dr. Bob Holsworth November 6, 20129:06 pm

Chesterfield Results- good news for Obama and Kaine. Romney was not able to beat John McCain’s relatively poor performance in Chesterfield and Tim Kaine did even better.

This is a bad sign for the GOP, though not necessarily fatal.

Romney and Allen will have to make up the difference by outperforming in either rural Virginia or in the the large population centers of NOVA and Hampton Roads..

Nick Dutton November 6, 20129:06 pm

Super close in Florida right now with 72 percent of precincts reporting:

Obama – 50% (3,152,165)
Romney – 49% (3,135,738)

Alix Bryan November 6, 20129:01 pm

Of the third party candidates, Gary Johnson (L) has received the most votes, with 13,290 . That’s with 53% of the precincts reporting.

Alix Bryan November 6, 20128:59 pm

Click here for up-to-date election results:

Alix Bryan November 6, 20128:55 pm

In Chesterfield County Romney is leading 52 to 42% with 67 of 74 precincts reporting.

Alix Bryan November 6, 20128:51 pm

Right now Obama is leading in Henrico County 54% to 43% with 73 of the 94 precincts reporting.

Alix Bryan November 6, 20128:47 pm

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Scott Wise November 6, 20128:36 pm

Earlier today Paul Ryan was in Henrico County – greeting campaign volunteers.
Read more:

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Stephanie Rochon November 6, 20128:28 pm

Eric Cantor has declared victory in his 7th District Congressional race.

Alix Bryan November 6, 20128:28 pm

Per Constitutional Amendment #1, 81% are in favor of eminent domain, with a third of precincts reporting.

Alix Bryan November 6, 20128:26 pm

Romney has 82 electoral votes and Obama has 64, of states reporting so far.

Alix Bryan November 6, 20128:20 pm

Scott Wise November 6, 20128:17 pm
Scott Wise November 6, 20128:15 pm

Palmer is speaking now.
Watch live:

Scott Wise November 6, 20128:14 pm

Don Palmer, Secretary of Virginia State Board of Elections, says there are several reasons for late voting including high voter turnout and the amendments that caused some voters to take a longer time to cast their ballot.

Alix Bryan November 6, 20128:13 pm

Prince William
City of Richmon
City of Roanoke
Virginia Beach

Are the counties/cites still voting

Scott Wise November 6, 20128:11 pm

State Board of Elections spokesman says people were still voting in several Virginia counties including Henrico County, the City of Richmond and Spotsylvania past 7 p.m.

Nick Dutton November 6, 20127:59 pm

Bob Schaeffer said the big strength for Romney is in coal country, in southeast Virginia, and in Hampton Roads because of concerns about military spending.

Nick Dutton November 6, 20127:53 pm

CBS News’ Scott Pelley just talked with Gov. Bob McDonnell. He said right now it is too early to call, but thinks Romney will win. McDonnell said Virginia is a state where people vote for the candidate and not necessarily along party lines.

Scott Wise November 6, 20127:42 pm
Scott Wise November 6, 20127:37 pm

JUST IN FROM STATE BOARD OF ELECTIONS: Many voters remain in lines in certain areas of the Commonwealth and will be able to cast votes if in line before the close of polls at 7:00pm. In consultation with officials from both the Republican and Democratic Party, the Virginia State Board of Elections has agreed to pause reporting until 8:00pm to ensure voters are not unduly influenced by preliminary results. Results will commence shortly thereafter

Nick Dutton November 6, 20127:33 pm

LIVE NOW: Watch BONUS web exclusive interviews with Dr. Bob and the CBS 6 News team on

Scott Wise November 6, 20127:17 pm

Joe St. George interviewed Tim Kaine just before the polls closed at 7 p.m.

Nick Dutton November 6, 20127:16 pm

CBS News says some folks waited four hours to vote in Northern Virginia.

Dr. Bob Holsworth November 6, 20127:02 pm

Does the pre-results chatter on the national media mean anything?

They seem to be implying that Virginia is very close and that Obama is leading Ohio.

Let’s see if it turns out this way.

Bill Fitzgerald November 6, 20126:52 pm

10 minutes ’til closing time in the Commonwealth! 40 minutes ’til Ohio closes.

Scott Wise November 6, 20126:14 pm

Dr. Bob Holsworth appeared on the CBS 6 News @ 5:30 to talk about what we can expect tonight as poll results are counted.

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Dr. Bob Holsworth November 6, 20126:03 pm

Two interesting exit poll data points from CNN’s Virginia survey.

The percentage of white evangelical voters is down from 2008- 28 percent to 21 per cent. Good news for the President.

Yet… Among voters who say that the economy is their top concern, Romney is ahead by 8 points. Very good news for him.

Scott Wise November 6, 20126:00 pm
Scott Wise November 6, 20125:46 pm
Scott Wise November 6, 20125:41 pm
Dr. Bob Holsworth November 6, 20125:34 pm

I’m about to appear on the news at 5:30. I will update this page throughout the night.

Scott Wise November 6, 20124:18 pm
Scott Wise November 6, 20123:59 pm

Paul Ryan has arrived in Richmond. We live streamed his arrival on
Watch Election Coverage starting at 5 p.m. –>

Nick Dutton November 6, 20123:43 pm

Nick Dutton November 6, 20123:40 pm

Ellen is reminding everyone to get out and vote!

“Happy Election Day! Take a photo of your “I Voted” sticker, and send it to me on Facebook and Instagram. But most importantly, VOTE!”

Scott Wise November 6, 20123:28 pm

It’s been a grueling campaign. You just want to sit down with a bowl of popcorn and find out who will be president for the next four years. So when will we know?

CNN’s John King says – watch Virginia:

Scott Wise November 6, 20123:15 pm
Scott Wise November 6, 20123:10 pm

Long lines and sporadic problems with voting machines caused snags in some key states during Tuesday’s closely watched U.S. election. Read more:

Scott Wise November 6, 20123:01 pm

Did you take a picture of your ballot? Is that against the law? Read more:

Scott Wise November 6, 20122:39 pm

This is pretty funny. President Obama called some voters this morning. One was not sure who she was talking to.

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Scott Wise November 6, 20122:35 pm

Paul Ryan is expected to land at Richmond International Airport around 3:30 this afternoon. We plan to stream his arrival on

Live stream link:

Scott Wise November 6, 20122:22 pm

Take a moment and vote in our VERY non-scientific Facebook poll.

Here is link:

Scott Wise November 6, 20122:15 pm

We are investigating several issues voters raised while at the polls today. From power outages to computer problems to voters being asked their party affiliation prior to voting.

Did you experience anything odd today while voting?

Email us and let us know –

Scott Wise November 6, 20122:13 pm

Tim Kaine, George Allen, Wayne Powell and Eric Cantor all voted this morning.
It’s okay to vote for yourself, right?

Scott Wise November 6, 20122:11 pm

No special treatment for Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell who waited about an hour this morning to vote in downtown Richmond.

(Photos Courtesy of Michaele White, Governor’s Photographer)