Richmond woman will cast first vote ever, with voting rights restored

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Richmond, VA (WTVR) - She committed a felony almost a half a century ago.

And on Tuesday, one Richmond woman will cast her ballot for the first time after having her voting rights restored by Governor Bob McDonnell.

Laverne Gayle Wilson lost her right to vote after being convicted of stealing two dresses from a department store back in 1964. She served almost a year at a prison work farm.

Since her incarceration, Wilson hasn't been able to take part in the voting process. She says she has tried before to get her voting rights back, but didn't meet the requirements or didn't go through the proper channels to get it done.

Wilson's employer helped expedite the process of getting her voting rights restored.

This will be the first time Wilson has ever voted. She lost her right to vote when she was only 18-years-old.