High grass on highway worries drivers in Prince George

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PRINCE GEORGE, Va. (WTVR) - Some drivers are concerned about their safety because of high grass along the shoulder of Route 10 in Prince George County.

In fact, drivers told CBS 6 News senior reporter Wayne Covil Thursday that they are most worried about deer -- or other creatures -- in the median. The high grass would keep the animals hidden from drivers until it is too late.  

June Winn said she also worries a deer might be lying in the grass, remaining unseen until it jumped out, possibly in front of a car.

"And with these rural back roads, there is deer everywhere, so we do have a major problem," she said.

Additionally, some drivers think the high grass impairs their vision.

A median near Jordan Point Road has grassthat is more than 3 feet high growing near the pavement.

Taxpayers wonder why the state has not mowed the grass.

"Yes it is dangerous, and it gets higher than that and it should be cut," said Maebell Claiborne. "Somebody should be out there getting it cut, because the state is not doing its job."

However, the Virginia Department of Transportation said the weather is to blame for why the grass has not been cut. VDOT also said the section near Jordan Point Road has been cut twice -- and that the median strips in Prince George County will be cut within the next few weeks.

County leaders, who contacted VDOT, said they were told all the shoulders on the primary highways in Prince George begin being cut in early October.