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Why this puppy must eat in a high chair

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By Christine Scarpelli

GREENVILLE, SC (WSPA) – A shelter dog in South Carolina is looking for her forever home, but it has to be with someone who has a lot of patience.¬† She has an ailment that requires her to eat in a high chair — kind of like a baby.

Four-month-old Starship has a disorder that makes it hard to digest food. Propping the puppy up in a high chair helps the food do down smooth. It takes 30 minutes or so for the food to settle in her stomach.

"When people are around they're just like oh wow a dog in a high chair what's the problem here," said  Adoptions Counselor Jennifer Henderson. "She doesn't have a problem. It's just who she is. It's just like someone who's handicapped, they figure a way to live their life happily."

The South Carolina company that made Starship's chair said it would make an adjustable one for her to use as she grows up.