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Henrico woman told to take down campaign sign

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HENRICO, Va. (WTVR) - A Henrico County woman is furious after a zoning inspector told her to take down her campaign signs because they exceeded height requirements listed in the county code.

"Astounded, I was absolutely shocked," Maria Miller told CBS 6. "Evidently my signs are illegal, but they shouldn't offend anyone."

Under Henrico County code, campaign signs larger than three square feet require a permit -- something Miller does not have.

"It's my freedom of speech, its my first amendment rights," said Miller.

Henrico County sent a letter to all campaigns running for office informing them of the various regulations.

Residential properties must have permits for signs larger than three square feet however they cannot exceed 32 square feet.

Additionally, signs must not be placed fifteen feet from any property line and they cannot be illuminated.

Commercial properties have regulations as well. Signs can be placed in business windows just as long as they don't cover up 50 percent of the glass. And campaign signs cannot be placed on utility poles or public property.

Miller said she will keep her signs up and take her fight to the county attorney.

 "I think the county should have a cup a tea and relax for 39 more days," said Miller.

Chesterfield County has a similar ordinance in place except their threshold is 8 square feet. The City of Richmond says if a sign is on private property it can be as large as the owner wants.