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Today is the last day for Missouri Senatorial Candidate Todd Akin to withdraw

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(WTVR) — The Missouri Congressman running for U.S. Senate must decide today whether or not he will decide to drop out of the election.

Congressman Todd Akin has received a great deal of criticism from Republican colleagues after his comments on what he called “Legitimate rape,” during a television interview. Akin also alluded to an incorrect fact that said when women were raped, the body could, “…shut that whole thing down,” in order to avoid pregnancy.

Akin’s criticism comes in part from GOP Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney, who encouraged him to step down from the race. Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell sought distance from the subject by saying Akin’s comments were insulting and wrong.

The Missouri Senatorial race is a hotly contested campaign that could affect the swing of power between parties in the U.S. Senate. Currently, Democrats control the senate 53-47. Republicans fear that his comments could cost the GOP a seat in the U.S. Senate despite Congressman Akin’s explanation of his comments.

Today Akin could file a court petition in order to remove himself from the race. However, he would be required to pay to reprint the ballots, and the Republican party would be able to select another candidate in his position.

Akin has already lost the support of conservative super PAC “American Crossroads,” and the RNC has threatened to pull funding from his campaign should he not withdraw.

Akin has repeatedly said he will continue on with his campaign.