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Family, friends hope young man’s murder case doesn’t go cold

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RICHMOND, Va (WTVR)- As the nights get colder, friends and family on Richmond’s north side are hoping 20-year-old, Quinton Conyers’ murder case doesn’t get cold as well. 

 "I had just saw him. We had just joked around and played and it was, I'm going to see you later,  Eboni Anderson, Conyers' close friend, said. 

Anderson never thought later would be Conyers’ funeral. She said he was vibrant, helpful and looking to join the military.

At around 9 p.m. in mid-August, police discovered Conyers in an alley near Moss Side Avenue, shot multiple times said police. 

Detective Marshall Young with Richmond Police said that police found Conyers dead from those gunshot wounds and believe the motive was robbery.

Police also found Conyers’ belongings strewn across the alley, along with other forensics evidence. However, Young  says unfortunately, that's not enough to capture the killer in this case.

“The reality of it is, very few cases are solved with forensics evidence," Young said. "A lot of times, forensics evidence support what we think happened or what people have told us happened."

It appears no one saw what happened on that late, summer night according to police because there have been very few leads. Young believes the killer is still in the area.

Conyers family hopes the killer is reading this story, to not only see the seemingly endless pain he or she has caused, but to know, in the end, the person who committed such a crime will be forgiven. 

“Ask for forgiveness. God will forgive you. You made a careless mistake. Just ask and mean it,” Anderson said. 

Police say a witness holds the key to solving this crime. They’re asking anyone with information to call 780-1000.