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Homeowners association sues over pink playhouse

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EVANS, Ga (WRDW). -- Becky Rogers-Peck built a pink playhouse for her granddaughter last Christmas and says neighbors started to complain about the color in April.

"[They said] it had to match my house," she said.

Rogers-Peck says that's just ridiculous.

"There was a little argument more or less, and I said, I'm not painting it," she said.

However, the Millshaven Homeowners Association is standing firm, too. They're suing her.

"You get over here and these people think they're the police," Rogers-Peck explained. "Why can they tell me what to do?"

Rogers-Peck added it doesn't matter what the outcome of the legal battle is.

"I'll move," she said before she paints the playhouse.

She admitted it would be easy to paint the house, but for her, it's all about fighting for the freedom to do what she wants in her own backyard.

"This is the United States, last time I checked. I'm a little redneck Georgia girl. They aren't going to tell me what to do," she said.

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