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Bogus Medicare letter alarms Petersburg senior

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PETERSBURG, Va. (WTVR) - A Central Virginia woman is sounding the alarm after she received a bogus letter claiming her doctor would no longer accept Medicare.

Virginia Brown told CBS 6 News' Wayne Covil Friday that she was even more upset because the letter also stated her doctor would not be reimbursed for her recent visit.

Brown, who is on a fixed income, was troubled because she said she would not be unable to pay for the out-of-pocket expense.

In turn, she took the letter to the Crater District Area Agency on Aging for advice.

A quick glance by David Sadowski Jr. immediately raised some red flags because the letter requests a donation. Additionally, the website lited at the bottom of the letter redirects to a political website, instead of the site for the "Policy Issues Institute."

Sadowski said these types of mailing are designed to frighten people so they do not make informed decisions, but act based on fear. He said he is troubled these mailers particularly targeted a vulnerable group like low income seniors.

"To find an impeach Obama organization behind it -- I think Republicans and Democrats would agree that this is definitely not the type of communication that should be out there," said Sadowski.

Brown said she was relieved, knowing her Medicare benefits will remain in place, but worried other seniors might not know the letter is bogus. 

"If I give them my money, the little bit I get to live off of, I wouldn't have nothing to take care of myself," said Brown.