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NC woman rides 13 miles on bike for job interview

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CHERRYVILLE, NC (WBTV) - When a North Carolina woman's unemployment benefits ran out, she didn't let a lack of a vehicle keep her from seeking a job lead.

Kimberly White has never been one to see hills as hurdles. Even last year when she lost her job.

"I could tell it was harder for my manager to tell me than I think it was for me to take," White told WBTV's Kristen Hampton. "I told him, 'That's fine... That's fine I understand.'"

And that's when her new endeavor became finding a new job. She handed out her resume to anyone who'd have it.

Two weeks ago, when her unemployment ran out, even small lead became crucial.

"I had gotten just a weekend flyer in the mail and it had the job listing -- and I knew in advance that I was not gonna have a vehicle," said White.

So when White needed to drive from Cherryville to Lincolnton to apply for the job, she took off on her daughter's pink bike, since she had no money to buy gas.

"You don't procrastinate, you don't complain. You just do it," said White. 

The two-county trip, which takes about 25 minutes in a car, took White three hours. In addition, she had no GPS or map to tell her it was 13 miles away. In fact, on the way back she said she spotted a sign for Cherryville that said 7miles – and she said she had no idea it was that far away.

White peddled all the way to Lincolnton . She admitted it was grueling and that she got quite sweaty. However, said it was totally worth it and that she was able to got in her exercise while she applied for the job.

So far White has not received any phone calls, but says she refuses to see anything but a silver lining.

"It's good to know this is the path that God intended for me -- or at least I'm making do with."