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WEATHER: Damaging winds and tornadoes possible

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A powerful storm system will move through the area Tuesday into Tuesday night, bringing with it the threat for widespread severe weather in Virginia. 

The wind and moisture profiles will be more conducive for severe storms than anything we have seen since late June (the derecho day).

The main limiting factor for severe weather, as with many severe weather days in Virginia, will be the extent of surface heating we see from breaks in the cloud cover. 

A few hours of sunshine will result in surface-based storms that will be developing in a strongly sheared environment. The low-level wind shear will be strong in the afternoon and evening hours, coinciding with the arriving of deeper low-level moisture and surface heating.

The entrance region of the upper-level jet and vort max will create the greatest lift across northern, central, and eastern Virginia. The SPC currently has the entire area in a “slight” risk for severe weather, but I think there is a good chance that a “moderate” risk will be issued for region. 

The graphic indicates where I think the greatest threat for tornadoes will lie on Tuesday, regardless of whether or not we see an upgrade to a moderate risk. 

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