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First Lady campaigns in downtown Richmond

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RICHMOND, VA (WTVR) - First lady Michelle Obama took center stage at the Center Stage Carpenter Theater complex in downtown Richmond Thursday for a campaign rally.

The event was intended to energize her husband's grassroots supporters in the days before the election.

"Rest yourself," Michelle Obama told the crowd upon entering the stage.

The First Lady encouraged those in attendance to go and register to vote.

"Bring your friends to events like this," Mrs. Obama told the crowd.

The First Lady did not mention "Romney" by name during the half hour address nor did she go deeply into policy - something that her supporters believe helps keep her approval ratings high. 

"You go beyond a point where your dignity outweighs her personal feelings, so much that you don't have to mention a name," Calvin Lipron Jr., told CBS 6.

Over 2000 were in attendance, but many more stayed outside hoping to get a ticket. Some wondered why not hold the event at a larger facility to accommodate more people?

"I do wish more people could of seen her but it did create a more intimate environment," Farren Billue, who sang the national anthem, said.

Mrs. Obama boasted about her husband's accomplishments - including policies that lead to healthcare reform, tax relief, and the killing of Osama Bin Laden.

Obama began her remarks by asking for prayers for those killed in Libya and concluded with her saying how important Virginia is in getting her husband "four more years" in office.