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Dog to be euthanized after biting children

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RICHMOND, Va (WTVR)- An eight-year old Richmond boy now has multiple scars on his body after the scare of his life. Carlos Brown told CBS 6 he was playing outside his home on Woodrow Ave. in Richmond's East End, when his neighbor’s dog got loose and bit him several times.

“I was trying to run from him, but, the dog was fast,” Carlos said.

It's not just the scars that worried Carlos' mom.  Ramona Brown is upset with how this incident was handled. The dog was allowed to stay with its owners after attacking another child that same day according to Richmond Animal Control.

“The dog is a vicious dog ," said Ramona Brown.

Brown said she also had to wait for days to find out if the dog had any infectious diseases.

“I had to wait 10 days to find out of if the dog had rabies before they could give me antibiotics for my son,” she said.

Carlos eventually checked out okay, but the dog did not.

“We went out today to check compliant issues for the dog for shots, license and breeder permit,” said Lt. Mark Wachner with Richmond Animal Control.  The dog didn't have its shots, so the dog’s owner was given two options.

“We can take it to court, fight it and lose or we just give her up and she gets euthanized,” the dog's owner told CBS 6 . He opted for euthanization because he said the cost of court and shots for the dog were out of reach.

He said his seven-year old dog, Princess, was likely teased by the children, causing her to break away. He said his dog is a golden lab retriever mix.

“I feel it's wrong we have to suffer because their kids can't follow instructions, “  said the dog's owner.

Carlos’ mom is considering pressing charges.