Surveillance video disputes officer’s story about teenage assault

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BRENTWOOD, Md. (FOX 5)—Surveillance video, obtained by a FOX station, shows a police officer approaching a teenager from behind and smacking him over the head with a gun.

In February the police officer said his gun discharged because19-year-old Ryan Dorm had assaulted him, reports FOX 5.

Corporal Donald Taylor reported assault charges against Dorm, and he spent four months in jail.

Dorm said he had on a ski mask because it was cold. He had just bought snacks and was walking home.

The video footage shows a flash that is likely the gun discharging as Taylor strikes Dorm over the head with the weapon, reports FOX 5.

Taylor has been indicted and faces a trial in November. Bell has also filed a $10 million dollar civil lawsuit in the case, reports FOX 5.

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