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South Richmond hit-and-run suspect turns himself in

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RICHMOND, Va. (WTVR) - The Richmond Police made an arrest for the hit-and-run that occurred earlier this week.  Taj Conway of Richmond is in custody and charged with a  felony hit-and-run.

For the victim's sister, Kimberly Darden, the arrest brought some closure.  "Even though we're still grieving for our brother, it helps to know a couple days later the guy turned himself in."  But Darden still wonders why Conway left the scene.

CBS 6 went to the suspect's home, and neighbors told us off camera that Conway, 34, is a good guy.

Dr. Jon Moss is a Richmond public safety psychologist.  He says it's difficult to say how anyone could hit another person and leave.

"They denied an accident happens or just pure panic kicks and they leave the scene," Moss says. 

But Dr. Moss says for those with a moral conscience the stress of a hit-and-run incident leads to individuals turning themselves in.  He also says it's also due to lack of sleep and appetite.

"For those who turn themselves in realize they have to be responsible either they come to the conclusion on their own or they are fortunate to talk to somebody who says you have to take responsibility."