COURTROOM UPDATES: George Huguely sentencing hearing

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CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (WTVR) – CBS 6 reporter Catie Beck is proving updates from the Charlottesville court where convicted murderer George Huguely V is being sentenced for the murder of Yeardley Love.

Attorneys are pushing for a 14-year sentence instead of the 26 recommended by a jury.

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Alix Bryan August 30, 20124:42 pm

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Although, with good behavior, he could be released with 85% of sentenced served.

Alix Bryan August 30, 20124:40 pm

BREAKING: Judge Edward Hogshire sentenced Huguely to 23 years, with 1 year for larceny served concurrently. Three years supervised release. The total time he will serve is 23 years.

Alix Bryan August 30, 20124:33 pm

Huguely says to the court. “Mrs. Love and Lexie, I’m so sorry for your loss. I hope and pray you may find peace.” He began tearing up.

Alix Bryan August 30, 20124:31 pm

Francis McQ. Lawrence, Huguely’s attorney has finished. Chapman is making a rebuttal. We are getting closer to sentencing. CHapman says it isn’t about too much alcohol, it is about too much violence.

Alix Bryan August 30, 20124:26 pm

Chapman objects to the Huguely defense when they ask the court to consider the civil suit brought against Huguely by the Love family. Refresher on that:

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The defense reminds the court that these three incidents of Huguely’s aggressive, violent behavior do not define him in totality.

Alix Bryan August 30, 20124:04 pm

Chapman concludes. Says that Huguely had 3 opportunities to change his life–three wake-up calls. The defense attorney has started addressing the court.

Alix Bryan August 30, 20124:01 pm

Chapman is making closing arguments. He has also asked that the court impose another year of probation for the grand larceny charge. AND that Huguely not drink alcohol for a year. Which he probably will not have had for years anyhow…..

Alix Bryan August 30, 20123:59 pm

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Alix Bryan August 30, 20123:57 pm

Chapman, the Commonwealth Attorney is addressing Judge Hogshire. He asks the court to impose 3 years of “post release supervision.” Again, Huguely faces 25 years for second-degree murder and one year for grand larceny.

Alix Bryan August 30, 20123:53 pm

Prosecutor says that Huguely is a young man, and says he will be a young man when released.

Alix Bryan August 30, 20123:49 pm

Huguely’s uncle talks about Huguely saving a fellow family member from an auto injury, saying he is capable of giving to society. “This boy was always a giver. He’s not a taker. I don’t know what happened that night.”

Alix Bryan August 30, 20123:39 pm

Huguely defense asks for a fair sentence, not based upon stereotypes or automatic reactions. Testimony has resumed, now with Huguely’s uncle.

Alix Bryan August 30, 20123:37 pm

What a week for Charlottesville. The President visited yesterday. Now the Huguely media caravan is back…aaaaaaand, it’s the first week of classes at UVa. Bet there is a lot of coffee being brewed in that town!!!!

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Court is in recess right now.

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Scordo calls Huguely “his spiritual grandson.”

Alix Bryan August 30, 20123:14 pm

The priest, in robes, says that “The person the media describes as harsh, wild… I never got that sense about him at all.”

Alix Bryan August 30, 20123:13 pm

They apparently spoke about faith, prayer, life, reading the Bible, family, UVa, sports but he, according to the Daily Progress reporter, never spoke with Huguely about the night of Love’s death. He said that Huguely was not a hostile or bitter man.

Alix Bryan August 30, 20123:11 pm

Father Joseph Scordo of St Thomas Aquina Catholic Church is one the stand. He said he felt called to visit Huguely in jail. “It was no voice, but it was clear and it would not go away.” He has visited him every week for two years.

Alix Bryan August 30, 20123:04 pm

As CBS 6 Jerrita Patterson reported earlier, Huguely will have to serve at least 85 percent of his term under Va. sentencing rules. He has been held in the Charlottesville jail since his May 4, 2010, arrest, and those two years will be considered time served.

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The aunt said that, per Huguely’s drinking, she never saw anything out of the ordinary. Even when pushed, she says about the instance where Huguely assaulted a friend, that “I could see why a young kid might do that.” (via CBS19)

Alix Bryan August 30, 20122:59 pm

The Aunt says that “drinking in all the universities in this country is rampant,” according to the Daily Progress. She says that the instances of aggression won’t change her image of George. “No one’s perfect,” she says.

Alix Bryan August 30, 20122:53 pm

The aunt has established that George Huguely was like a brother to her own son, who is two years younger. The aunt said that growing up Huguely was a happy, normal, good-natured kid.

Alix Bryan August 30, 20122:48 pm

Final note on Masur. He said that Huguely hung out with a group of kids (think University of Virginia, hello) that had aspirations, he never saw conduct issues.

Alix Bryan August 30, 20122:47 pm

Alix Bryan August 30, 20122:46 pm

Masur’s testimony is that he never saw George have behavior issues. He said that George was a great example and the kind of guy who had no problem talking to adults or kids. Again, he is the first defense witness. The prosecution rested after trying to establish a pattern of violence. Specifically, choking necks and punching faces–similar to Yeardley Love’s fatality.

Alix Bryan August 30, 20122:40 pm

Henry Masur is a professor of medicine at George Washington University. His son played sports with Huguely. Masur is being questioned by defense. Masur said that Huguely “fit in with the kind of kids we wanted our son to be with.”

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