Gov. Bob McDonnell takes podium at RNC

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TAMPA, Fl. (WTVR)—Governor Bob McDonnell tried to get the focus back on the economy while speaking at the Republican National Convention on Tuesday night.

McDonnell did so by highlighting some of his economic success in Virginia, including the state’s low unemployment rate and budget surplus.

McDonnell said those good stats aren’t unique to Virginia, but, appear to be a trend in other states with Republican leaders.

“Republican governor’s lead seven of the 10 states with the lowest unemployment rates,” said McDonnell.  

The governor said that’s proof that conservative economic policies work and that Americans should choose Mitt Romney, “who has actually balanced a budget.”

“Heck, for that matter, someone who has actually passed a budget, “said McDonnell.

State Democratic Delegate Jennifer McClellan said “not so fast.”

McClellan told CBS 6 that without some of the president’s policies the governor wouldn’t have these success stories to share.

“The budget was balanced, at least a couple of years ago, using stimulus dollars,” said McClellan. 

She also told CBS 6 that stimulus money was used to help business owners, which was also the focus of McDonnell’s speech.

McDonnell attacked President Obama for telling small business owners they didn’t build their success on their own. “You did make that happen. You did build that in America,” said McDonnell.

It was a sentence uttered by many throughout the convention.

McClellan said once again, the governor is taking the president’s words out of context.

“They had teachers along the way to help them,” she said. “They had infrastructure built to help them move goods and services.”

The delegate also told CBS 6 that she would have liked to hear the governor address more issues like abortion, since he’s the chair of the RNC’s platform committee.