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Chesterfield joins other localities in mandatory water restrictions

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CHESTERFIELD, Va. (WVTR)--Chesterfield will join four other localities and implement mandatory water restrictions starting Thursday. 

The word came late Wednesday afternoon when the county’s utilities director addressed supervisors.

Roy Covington gave the board a timeline of when the drought problems began and laid out exactly how dire the situation is at Lake Chesdin.  He reminded the board that Dept. of Environmental Quality recently issued a drought warning for the Appomatox River Basin at Lake Chesdin.

Covington explained that when the restrictions kick in, everyone who uses water in Chesterfield will be affected.  "Tomorrow at 5 p.m. our first batch of bills will go out with the water restrictions indicated on them.”
“That will occur through two months and we will adjust according to how the conditions change," said Covington.

He said everyone will be expected to do their part and help conserve.  

The Appomatox River Water Authority recommended that Chesterfield, Petersburg, Colonial Heights, Dinwiddie and Prince George adopt the mandatory water restrictions.

They go into effect Thursday, August 23.