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12-year-old ‘too big’ for Pee Wee Football

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MESQUITE, TX (CNN) - A Texas 12-year-old has been told he is "too big" to play football by the Mesquite Pee Wee Football Association.

Elijah Earnheart weighs 297 pounds, that's about the same weight as some NFL linebackers!

The organization says Elijah exceeds the 135-pound limit for seventh graders.

Earnhardt is over 6 feet tall, and his mother, Cindy,says that they still are pushing for admission into the league.

It's not all bad news for the 12-year-old.

WFAA-TV reports comedian Steve Harvey has invited the boy to be a guest on his talk show next month.

Elijah is also apparently getting to practice with the San Diego Chargers this week.