ONE-ON-ONE: Bobby Jindal on why women should support Romney-Ryan

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CHESTER, Va. (WTVR) - Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal spoke exclusively to CBS 6 Angela Pellerano about the presidential campaign, shortly after a Mitt Romney Victory campaign rally in South Chester on Thursday.

CBS 6: What does the Romney/Ryan campaign need to do in order to win Virginia?

Jindal: For one, talk about the record. Governor Romney's got a great record in Massachusetts. Per capita income there was above the national average… Secondly, talk about the contrast [between Mitt Romney and Barack Obama]. Two very different visions. That's what's at stake in this election.

CBS 6: Some people thought that a V.P.  pick like yourself or  Marco Rubio would allow Mr. Romney to fare better with ethnic voters, than the Republicans have recently faired. Do feel that argument has any validity?

Jindal: I think the selection of Congressman Ryan was a great choice. I think he will appeal to voters across all age groups, demographic groups and I think what the Romney/Ryan represent is the preservation of the American dream.

CBS 6: The latest polls indicate that Mr. Romney is way behind Mr. Obama with female voters in Virginia. How can Mr. Romney close that gap?

Jindal: You think about Moms and wives, working women… In this election, they’re going to see an economy where 30% of Americans are underwater on their mortgage. They’re going to see that their household net worth is at a two decade low under this presidency.

We asked Democratic State Senator Don McEachin what he thinks about Jindal campaign views. McEachin said Virginia female voters won’t forget how laws were passed during the last General Assembly session on women’s rights when they head to the voting booth.

“Invading a woman's right to choose, dictating medical procedures… those images and those messages are not going to be lost in the electorate,” he said.

But, both he and Jindal agree Paul Ryan was the right Vice Presidential GOP choice – for different reasons.

“Because it gives us a stark contrast between a path backwards as Romney/Ryan predict, and a path forward with the [current]President and the Vice President,” said McEachin.