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RENTAL RAGE: Couple accused of doing $37,000 in damage to $50,000 rental home

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BURNS FLAT, Okla. (KFOR)  — The Pontotoc County Oklahoma Sheriff’s Department arrested two suspects accused of stealing copper and doing almost $40,000 of damage to an Oklahoma rental home.

Charlie Hough’s home stands in shambles. If you walk through the property, you find only a mess.

Just a few weeks ago, it looked nothing like this; almost everything in the home was new.

“It was beautiful. It was one of the nicest, well, probably the nicest one we had. It was really nice,” Rodger Hanna said, who helped remodel the property.

Charlie rented the home to Terre Proctor and his wife, Brittany.

He said the couple lived in the home about a year, but then Charlie evicted them after he became suspicious about possible criminal activity

He said Terre and Brittany left a mess behind as a parting gift.

He said the couple did an estimated $37,000 damage to a home worth about $50,000. He said the most valuable thing stolen was copper.

“He [Terre] did tell the neighbor on the other half that when he left he was going to take all the electrical wiring with him. That he thought he could get $3,000 for it. Couldn’t get that now,” Charlie said.

He said it’s a crime that took some serious effort and has left him stunned.

 ”It was malicious and it was towards me personally. I don’t think it was as much for him and profit as it was towards me,” Charlie said.

The pair is facing felony charges.