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Report: One-third of Virginians obese

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RICHMOND (WTVR) – One third of the country is obese and Virginians are no exception.

A study released by the Centers for Disease Control shows twenty-nine point two percent of Virginians have a body mass index of 30 or higher, the definition of obesity.

Myra Shook, a health manager for the Virginia Department of Health, says the department would like to see that number go down.

She points out surrounding states have higher numbers, because most of the states with the highest obesity rates are located in the south.

Shook tells CBS 6, “It’s important to know that rate because with obesity there are many health factors that come into play. Development of diabetes, things like arthritis.”

The CDC report goes on to say half of Americans don’t get enough exercise.  The Virginia Department of Health is trying to change that by offering a program that funds easier access to exercise within Virginia’s counties and cities.

The CDC used height and weight information from four-hundred-thousand Americans last year to come up with the statistics.