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Mitt Romney stops by Randolph Macon College

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ASHLAND, Va. (WTVR) - When they entered the Crenshaw gymnasium at Randolph Macon college, presumptive GOP nominee Mitt Romney and newly announced running mate Paul Ryan got a hearty welcome.

But the two wasted little time tearing into President Obama`s record of high unemployment and crushing debt.

"Now, we're witnessing a nation in debt, further in doubt and deeper in despair,” said Paul Ryan.

While addressing a massive crowd Saturday afternoon, Romney says he and Ryan will get the economy moving and restore the public's trust.

"You're going to see a resurgence in jobs, a resurgence in our competitiveness.  You're going to finally see us get America on track to a balanced budget.  We're going to do what it takes to bring America back,” said Mitt Romney, Presumptive GOP nominee.

Just the news supporters want to hear.  Who say they`re not happy with President Obama.

“He’s drowning my daughter in debt that she`s not going to be able to pay back.  That`s what I`m concerned as a mother and as an American.  That she`s not going to have the life that I enjoyed,” said Kristyn Amkrom.

“I'm concerned that 4 years from now we`re going to have unemployment above 10 percent and that I`m not going to find a job anywhere,” said Max Huntley.

And that's why these Republicans believe new leadership will make a difference.

Even though the fanfare is over for now, the real work begins for these two men.  Who plan to criss cross the country in hopes of taking over the White house.