ON YOUR MENU: Patriotic Cupcakes

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Memorial Day Cupcakes with Stars
1 (18.25oz.)  white cake mix and ingredients to prepare
2 (12oz.) cans whipped or fluffy white frosting
 red, white and blue sprinkles or decors  
Mix cake mix according to directions on box for cupcakes.  Let cool and frost and decorate with red or blue icing that you have tinted with food coloring or frost with white fluffy icing and decorate with sprinkles or decors.    

1 (16.5oz.) sugar cookie roll, room temp.
 star cookie cutter, 1-2 inch size
 leftover icing from frosting cup cakes for stars or use sprinkles or decors
 24 skewers (4-6inches long)          

Roll out dough to 1/4 inch thickness; cut with star cookie cutter. 

Place dough on baking sheet, and insert a wooden skewer halfway into side of each star.  Bake as directed per package directions.

Cool and frost to edges and decorate.   

 When ready to serve insert skewer with star into cupcake and serve.