Veteran: Stop selling American flag doormats

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ST. LOUIS, Mo (WTVR) - A Vietnam vet in Missouri wants Lowe's to stop selling American flag doormats at its home improvement stores.

John F. Kelly says when he went to the Lowe's near his home in Lake Saint Louis, he saw a memorial day display that included doormats with images of the U.S. flag on them.

He says they're disrespectful to the flag that he and so many others fought to defend.

"You don't tread on an American flag," Kelly said. "You don't wipe dirty boots on them. you don't walk on them. that's a patriotic symbol that represents freedom and the country, and the people in it."

Even so, the doormats were taken off the display shelf at the store Wednesday afternoon.  The corporate office says it plans to issue a statement on the issue.