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Help pouring in for “malnourished” horses

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EDITOR’S NOTE: Anyone wanting to donate time or money to the care of the animals is asked to call Dinwiddie County Animal Control at 804-469-4547.

DINWIDDIE COUNTY, Va. (WTVR) - Calls are coming in from up an down the east coast from people who want to help more than 50 horses seized from a Dinwiddie County property.

Dinwiddie County Animal Control Chief Warden Debbie Broughton told CBS 6 Senior Reporter Wayne Covil, they've brought in people to help answer the influx of calls.

Animal control officers seized more than 50 horses and donkeys from the property late Wednesday night. The animals were malnourished, according Dinwiddie County Chief of Fire & EMS Dennis Hale. [Click here for more information]

Boughton told Covil that all the horses have problems, but that 26 of them have serious issues. 

Additionally, animal control officers found 29 dogs on the property, 12 of which had to be removed.

"We have actually seized all of them, but we've only moved the ones in the worst shape to here," Boughton said. 

However, Broughton said that all the horses will stay on the property, with a deputy keeping watch, because legally the animals cannot be removed until after Monday's court date.

If and when they get moved, Broughton said they will follow strict guidelines.

"The needs of the animals are going to dictate where they go, so those that are more critical go to someone who has critical care capabilities," she said. 

The owners of the animals are not yet facing any criminal charges. Monday’s hearing will determine if the seizure was necessary and if the horses can be removed.