Parents can control cell phone use while teens drive

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(WTVR) - About half of all teenagers admit to texting while driving, even though most of them know the statistics.

Making a phone call increases your chances of crashing four times.

Sending a text message increases your risk twenty-three times and every year four thousand teens die from distracted driving.

But now there are options for parents to disable cell phones.

Cell phone apps can now lock your phone while you drive so you can`t text, call, email, surf the web or update your facebook page.

It works by installing a cell control transmitter on the car and a cell control app on the phone.

When the car is in motion the phone is disabled.

 Incoming texts don`t appear and calls go straight to voicemail.

 Drivers can make emergency calls and you can customize the app so you can play music.

Other apps don’t require a transmitter for a car, and instead work with the GPS on your phone to calculate speed while driving.