Neighbors livid over high grass, rundown homes

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RICHMOND, Va. (WTVR) - Residents in one Richmond neighborhood are fed up with overgrown grass and dilapidated homes. 

Virginia Jones said she hasn't been able to get anything done about a nuisance property near her home in Church Hill. 

"I contacted the mayor's office and I talked to his secretary," said Jones. "I talked to Ms. Chavis about it several times.  And then I talked to Samara Brewer and she's with the city."

After repeated calls to the city, she contacted CBS 6 for help.

Jones said that she has great grandchildren who come to play in her yard several times a week, but that they can't go outside because she's afraid of what might be lurking in those tall weeds.

Jones claims that house has been an eyesore in her neighborhood for months.

"We like to sit on our front porch -- and then to live next door to this is terrible,” said Jones.

And it's just as bad for Jones' neighbor, Neil West. 

"It's pathetic to look at it like that...really,” said West. "I mean that grass was about four-feet tall."

Jones is fed up and thinks the vacant houses need to be torn down.

“I'm not going to move out of my house on the count of this,” she said. 

CBS 6 News' Sandra Jones contacting City Hall. Spokesman Mike Wallace said that they received the complaints in mid-March.

Wallace said inspectors have cited the owner for having grass over 12 inches high. When the owner failed to comply within 48 hours, Wallace said a city contractor will cut the grass and bill the owner, but that that often takes time.

However, Wallace said a city contractor is scheduled to cut the grass in the next couple of days. 

That owner will have to reimburse the city for hundreds of dollars for the work.