PROM PHOTO: Students fall into lake posing for pictures

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by Craig McKee

MILWAUKEE, Wis. (WISN) – Teenage girls spend weeks thinking about their prom outfits and the whole day getting ready.  A group of them in Wisconsin expected their perfect looks to last all night. Instead, they were soaking wet in a matter of minutes.

“I spent all day getting ready,” said Miranda Sachtschale.

Miranda, her date Matt and a group of friends arrived at Lac La Belle on Saturday to take a group photo before prom.

Little did they know as they stood on a wooded pier, they were about to make a life-long memory.


“I heard like, one crack, and then the whole thing collapsed from under us,” said one of the teenagers.

The group fell into the lake.

Soaking wet, the girls and guys were pulled from the water. They returned to a home to dry off their clothes and re-apply make-up before the prom.

No one was injured.   They offered some advice to any students taking part in upcoming proms: Check the pier before going out for pictures.

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