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RICHMOND, Va. (WTVR) There was a lot of tension inside of city hall after Richmond residents are told they would not be allowed to speak up at Monday nights meeting about funding for schools.

“It made me feel a little upset but, it's not going to deter me from speaking out .” says a Richmond mother .

It didn’t stop Richmond City Council Woman Reva Trammel from speaking out either. She claimed that current school board chair and her opponent for the 8th district seat on City Council, Dawn Page, is blaming Trammel and the rest of council for not coming up with the funds.

“The chairperson of the school board who has not been here but yet, they can come up with these accusations that we're not doing our job. This council is doing its job” said Trammel.

Instead of council, Trammel told parent to take their complaints to the people she believes are responsible for the budget crisis, Page and the mayor.

“Tell that chairman of the school board to talk to him since that's her neighbor and find out what they're going to do to help all of ya'll,” said Trammel.

“This is not a blame game, we are not here to blame anyone," said School Board chair, Dawn Page.

Page also told CBS 6 that it comes down to the facts and said if the school system is left with its $10 million dollar deficit, it’s because council members couldn’t fill the gap.

“We do not have the ability to raise funds for schools,”  says Page.

Page and parents believe the money is there because while making a decision about school funding, Council members  also have to vote on spending $14 million dollars to renovate the Landmark Theater.