GOOD News: Inmates put on play about Jesus

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ANGOLA, Louisiana (WBRZ) - Convicted murderers and armed robbers put on a play about the lives of Jesus and his disciples this week at the Louisiana State Penitentiary.

The play is called "The Life of Jesus Christ" and the star performer is serving a 66-year sentence for armed robbery.

"It gives me a better focus on what I should be like, when I constantly read and study the scripture, then to try and be like Jesus is an awesome task, because none of us are perfect," Bobby Wallace, who plays Jesus, told WBRZ's Rob Krieiger. "We're all sinful.  Yet if we stay focused we can be the best people we can possibly be."

That's why many of the offenders said they worked more than a year crafting all of the details of the play.

In fact, they even created their costumes, scenery for the production and adapted the script. The group also received help from some offenders from a nearby women's prison.

However, for some of the performers, their roles have taken them full circle.

"I was like Judas," said Levelle Tolliver, a convicted murderer. "I was a bad person. I was a thief. I was a liar, and the reason why I accepted the role…  [was] to show a different ending a different outcome of Judas."

Tolliver went on to say that while Judas begged for mercy, he didn't believe God forgave is sins.

"I believe God forgave me, and I'm going to have to show you with my actions," said Tolliver.

Additionally, Tolliver, who is serving a life sentence, said he is hopeful the performance will help others.

"If I affect one person's life -- one person --  I'm satisfied," said Tolliver. "My job is complete, I just want to touch one person. That's it."