Family stunned about latest arrest in VSU-area shooting

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ETTRICK, Va. (WTVR) - The family of a man fatally shot near Virginia State University last month is stunned police arrested a second person in the shooting.

Police arrested 19-year-old Khaliq H. Oliver, of Stockleigh Drive, and charged him with conspiracy to commit murder and conspiracy to violate the drug control act, according to police.

Twenty-year-old Tyrail Hughes was gunned down April 17, just off the campus of Virginia State University.

Two days later, Jamarr Stepter was charged with brandishing a gun in relation to the shooting.

However, police said the man who shot Hughes, Ryan Simms, is still on the run and that U.S. Marshals are looking for him. [Click here for more on the Virginia State University-area shooting]

But police said .

"Simms, that's the one we're really concerned about because he's the one that actually pulled the trigger," said Tyrail's mother, Pam Hughes.

Pam and her family told CBS 6 News Senior Reporter Wayne Covil they were surprised about the second arrest.

"It kinda shocked me because I didn't know there was another person. I thought they were only looking for Ryan Simms," said Hughes from her Petersburg home.

Oliver, a Virginia State University freshman, is charged with conspiracy to distribute marijuana and conspiracy to commit murder.

Police said while this makes a second arrest, they consider Simms armed and dangerous. Additionally, they said their investigation continues to uncover details that led up to the shooting.

"The reason behind all this was a drug sell in which a rip off occurred -- and the motivation had all to do with this was the theft of the drugs," said Chesterfield County Police Captain David Pritchard.