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Neighbors fed up with lawmakers’ blighted home

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WAVERLY, Va. (WTVR) - Some neighbors are fed up with a mess outside a Sussex County home that belongs to two elected officials.

The backyard of the property at 207 Coppahaunk Avenue is littered with broken tree limbs, trash, some toilets, a stove and even a dump truck.

Neighbors said the house has been in a state of disrepair for the past decade and that the owners have been cited numerous times to clean up the property.

Gwen Cox, who lives two doors down from the home, laughingly said the house is the worst looking place she's ever seen.

Michelle Burns, who moved in less than 2 years ago and lives next door, just wants the mess cleaned up.

"We took the chance because we love the neighborhood and house so much, but we didn't know it would be a struggle getting this cleaned up," said Burns. ""We just want it to be safe. Honestly, we've had homeless people in there."

Frank Rose, who also lives nearby, said he is frustrated because folks on  Coppahaunk Avenue pride themselves on taking care of their neighborhood.

"He's on the Board of Supervisors and she's in the House of Delegates, and they should really... look after their property," said Rose.

In fact, Waverly officials have sent eight letters since 2004 to the homeowners, Sussex County Board of Supervisors Chairman Rufus Tyler, and his wife, state Delegate Roslyn Tyler.

The letters of warnings and violations instruct the couple to clean up the property.

Rufus Tyler told CBS 6 Senior Reporter Wayne Covil Wednesday that he did what was required to bring the property into compliance. Additionally, Tyler said he is in the process of renovating the home's interior, which he said is about 75 percent complete. He said once that is finished, he will start on the property's exterior.

However, the latest violation letter stated the property was in "total disrepair and presents both health and safety risks to residents in the neighborhood."

Many along Coppahaunk Avenue said they want officials to force the Tylers to clean up the mess.

In addition, residents are frustrated because they do not think they would be treated the same way, if their property was such a mess.

"If we didn't listen, we would go through the appropriate channels, we would be fined, we would get letters, we'd have to go to court," said Burns. "This has not happened with Mr. and Mrs. Tyler."